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How to see success on YouTube in 2020

Google recently released an article around the change in consumer habits. It was found in the Ofcom Media Nations U.K. 2019 report that online video continues to be on the rise, with more than 10 million users in the UK using the YouTube app daily. Off the back of the rise in video, Google has outlined their top 5 tips for online video success in 2020.

  • Supercharge your storytelling
    • Give your ad the best chance to make an impact. Try to bring users in with a compelling start, ensure the brand is present throughout, use twists to keep a user’s attention and try to vary second lengths.
  • Use search
    • Use signals from search to reach in-market shoppers and make your spend work harder.
  • Drive action
    • Give a clear call-to-action and enable your potential customers to take action easily.
  • Play into passion points
    • Understand your audience’s interests and passions, ensuring content appeals to your audience on a personal level, is compelling and relevant.
  • Tell your story in 6 seconds
    • Always plan for a 6-seconds bumper ad as well as your other second lengths. This second length allows you to grab someone’s attention and keep it – if you can get your full message in 6 seconds then this could be a winner.

All Response Media viewpoint
As a performance-based agency, we would usually question some of the best practices outlined by media owners, where sometimes they might be more for brand campaigns and not necessarily best for our client’s business goals. However, the above is a case where Google has really nailed the main points on the head. All these tips should be considered when running a YouTube campaign and if you get this right, then you should be on the way to supercharging your online video activity.

The only thing to highlight outside of this is that, whilst all this information is really useful and relevant, we would also consider some of the more technical, non-creative, elements of the platforms. For example, ensuring your bid strategy is right and working as best it can be based on your goal.

To summarise, getting your creative right is key to a successful campaign and these tips from Google are key to helping you do this. However, consider the minds behind setting up and running a YouTube campaign. You can supercharge your creative even more by using effective audience and bid strategies, to ensure you’re getting the results you need to drive your business forward.

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