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How can interpreting in-market customer data keep our brands ahead of the pack as we move out of lockdown?

Many sectors have experienced significant shifts in levels of demand due to their ability to supply over the past 12 months. As the lockdown restrictions continue to lift in the UK, building an understanding of the direct impact this is having on both audiences and their demand will be key to ensuring effectiveness within your messaging and strategy.

YouGov Profiles can provide insight to help with this challenge. They consolidate survey data from over 300,000 UK panelists into a connected data set aiming to provide understanding and build insight into audience groups. By collecting this data on a weekly basis, they provide the opportunity to visualise shifts within in-market customers and market sentiment over time and therefore can quantify the impact of the current lockdowns on your customer base.

Looking at the data

A key example of the impact of the UK lockdowns can be visualized across the in-market demographics for secondhand cars.

Overall, this sector has seen 5% growth since the beginning of lockdown in 2020. By breaking down the in-market audience group by gender and age group, we’re able to isolate key areas of growth within the customer base that we can target with our messaging and media activity. Across the secondhand car market key growth areas include females aged 25-34 (up 100% since May 2020) and males aged 35-44 (up 94% since May 2020).

All Response Media viewpoint 

Identifying a targeted niche that can be bought cost-effectively is key to a truly effective media strategy. This tool allows us to model the changes in consumer behaviour and spot such opportunities as they are happening rather than identifying them retrospectively. With many sectors still in flux as we move out of lockdown, building up insights into the impact on in-market customers is crucial to help steer predictions on how the relaxation of regulations will impact the market and help brands stay ahead of the competition when developing their media strategy.

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