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Key points for post-lockdown digital activity planning

Have you had to decrease your digital investments or stop advertising altogether? With the lockdown easing in many parts of the world and everyone using the term the “new normal”, what are some of the things you should be considering for life post-lockdown?

Auditing your paid activity: If your activity had to be paused or you have had to decrease investments, now would be a good time to review your PPC, social and display accounts. Checking settings, reviewing results, discussing whether your accounts are up to date and whether they follow platform best practices with your teams could help identify new opportunities.

Improving your website and user journey: With more people buying and looking for answers online, it is crucial to ensure that your website is optimised and kept in the best shape possible. This could be in the form of updating the FAQs, upgrading the tagging and tracking on-site, or posting regular blog content to ensure your organic rankings do not drop down the search results pages.

Your social media approach: Whilst remaining responsible and cognisant of current sensitive circumstances, your social media approach could lead the way to build a strong, positive relationship with your customer base. Showcasing how your business is positively contributing to the different causes around the world and promoting good acts will help you stay front of mind with your customers.

Keeping your customers up to date: Keeping customers in the loop with how your business is coping during the lockdown and pandemic – updating customers regularly of any changes to your services – will help prevent negative feedbacks and prevent concern amongst your customers.

Can we create a new customer base during these times?: With advertisers decreasing their media budgets, and with a lot more people spending time online, the cost of advertising has decreased on search and social platforms, amongst others such as TV. Therefore, now is a good time to prospect to new customers on digital platforms and making them aware of your brand. Creating new audience groups of interested customers that you can retarget, at potentially a lower cost, with promotions once you are ready to offer your services again.

Keeping an eye on your competition: We all want to stay a step ahead of our competitors, however in these uncertain times keeping an eye on your peers could help uncover how your market is faring and how your competitors are coping. Keeping an eye on their paid advertising activities, monitoring changes on their site, staying up to date with their social posts and even signing up to their newsletters are just some good ways of monitoring your battlefield.

Marketing strategy for post COVID-19 rollout: What is your rollout plan? Will it just be paid search to begin with? Will you be promoting a new offer or a new product? Is it an opportunity to bid on your competitor’s terms as they have a lower offer or haven’t upgraded their services? Is it worth setting up a test on a new platform to take advantage of the lower costs? Have your targets changed? There are many things to consider but the important thing is to have a plan of action in place.

This is exactly what we have done for our clients to ensure those who are paused are ready to go back live with a bang!

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