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How media habits and behaviours changed in 2020

Although ‘coronavirus’ was the most searched-for term in the UK in 2020, what else do the most searched-for trends in the UK tell us, and specifically how does that relate to media consumption?

Interestingly, Google Trends segmented “Delivery” as a search category for the first time this year when releasing their 2020 searches, illustrative of an increased necessity for the service. Afternoon tea makes the top spot with wine a close second – surprising that wine isn’t in the top spot! Compost delivery comes in at third illustrating that everyone was getting a bit more green-fingered in lockdown and milk, food and veg making fourth and fifth spots respectively. The rest of the top ten follow similar themes with paint, supermarket, birthday cake, garden centre, and meat completing the list.

Fitness videos also have their own section this year with Joe Wicks videos making up three of the top five fitness-related searches. But it is the “how-to” searches that seem to be most reflective of what kept us busy – excluding the face mask and hand sanitizer tutorials, making bread, and cutting your own hair was the most searched for “how-to” in 2020.

Do these changes in online behaviour mean people have been online more since lockdown? Well, actually, no…

IPA’s Daylite by Touchpoints states that share of time on TV had risen from 33% to 45% during lockdown, of which almost 60% is still live TV which hasn’t changed. Online channels mostly stay unchanged when looking at all UK adults as a whole. More interesting perhaps is when plotting that media consumption against the time of day.

IPA Daylite by Touchpoints, All Adults 15+, 2020 

IPA Daylite by Touchpoints, All Adults 15+ (Lockdown), 2020 

As you can see, TV continues to have a spike in the evening hours but also a second peak during lunch hours, as well as an overall increase throughout the day. Social media and internet consumption seems mostly unaffected, illustrative of heavy usage before lockdown and so interestingly, mostly remains unchanged.

All Response Media viewpoint

Any advertiser needs to stay on the pulse of how media habits and behaviours change and that is why All Response Media invests in a plethora of tools to be able to bring these insights to life. With this information, we can identify what this means for clients and where the media opportunity lies. This allows us to give our clients an unfair competitor advantage in their media approach.

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