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Can multiple product ads from one brand work in the same ad break?

Recently we have had a client that is running multiple products in both similar dayparts and TV stations. All the products are financial and are aimed squarely at a 50+ audience. We have, at the client’s insistence, always tried to separate the products out into separate breaks, even though sales houses will only categorise clashes as being of similar products, not brands.

However, inventory continues to be tight on certain dayparts and stations, and we have seen an increasing number of brand clashes as a result – particularly on the smaller stations, where demand is outstripping eyeballs. Being a data-led agency, and one that strives to make incremental gains for our clients, we decided to have a look and see what the effect was of running two or three ads of the same brand, but different products, in the same break.

The results were surprising, to say the least – when we ran the lead product (largest spend), the two smaller spending products definitely benefitted from the trust and authority of the larger product running in the same break, showing CPA improvements by up to 44%.

All Response Media viewpoint
Although the data was limited on this exercise (as this was something we were actively discouraging) it is right and good that we should be challenging established thinking through micro data analysis. It is what we do after all. It showed that multiple ads in one break isn’t always a bad thing, and what is so encouraging here is that we were able to make a significant difference and challenge established thinking at the same time.

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