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Radio has a large reach – Audio can be both BIG and small

Radio can reach large audiences with 65% of the population tuning into commercial radio each week, that’s over 36m people listening for an average of 5 hours each week.

Radio can offer national coverage with DAB – (DAB listening now accounts of 56% off all listening) and through large media owner networks such as the Heart, Hits or Smooth Networks – radio can also be brought on a smaller scale regionally or by individual local stations covering different towns and cities.

Not forgetting online listening – 52% of the UK adult population have listened to connected audio in 2019, like traditional broadcast radio this can also be targeted nationally, regionally, by audience and content allowing it to be both big and tightly targeted depending on the campaign and client requirements.

TIP: Traditional radio is bought against all individuals, by clever station selection we can target different audience groups when and where they are most likely to be consuming radio, using standard demographics as well as mosaic data without the premium of increased levels of targeting.

Digital audio can be used to reach smaller highly targeted audiences – this does come at a premium however depending on the audience can be more cost-effective than buying a traditional broadcast campaign which may create too much wastage.

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