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Top 10 ways TV advertisers can get the most out of PPC

What advice should TV advertisers share with their digital PPC managers to ensure results?

1. Share the TV campaign dates

Though this may sound obvious, the digital team needs to know the dates of the campaign, and most importantly, in advance. There are a few things to consider when trying to

capture all the people online who are interested in the product or service as a result of TV.

2. Unify the creative message

All marketing channels should be aligned with the main message of the campaign. The PPC landing page needs to correlate with the theme of the TV ad. Having a contradictory or conflicting message on the TV vs. PPC ad copy can confuse consumers and impact click-through-rates.

3. Include specific ad copy

Brands can amend PPC ad copy to include TV specifics or ‘as seen on TV’ to help signpost users. It is also worthwhile considering the tone and terminology of the creative for consistency.

4. Utilise brand search termsgoogle-on-screne-300x150

These are your cheapest search terms and they will benefit from TV. They need to exist, have budget against them, and be tracked properly through platforms such as ARMalytics and Google Analytics to understand the relationship between these variables.

5. Utilise dayparting and day of week

Whether TV airtime runs 24/7 or specific dayparts or days only, PPC can be optimised to support ad spend and capture ‘warm’ consumers at key times during the campaign. This is especially important with peak campaigns as PPC budgets may have daily caps in place.

6. Align PPC spend based on regional targeting

TV campaigns can be bought nationally or regionally. If advertisers have key regions in which they which to target via TV through ITV1, Channel 4, local TV or AdSmart, max cost per click in these areas can be amended to account for the up weights.

7. Amplify key hero spots

If the TV strategy includes specific ‘brand response’ spots within the campaign, PPC budgets can be up weighted around the spot to amplify performance and capture the audience.

8. Actively de-target current customers

If a KPI for TV is to drive new customers, we should de-target current customers to ensure that this subset come through organic search (for free) and only pay for new customers through PPC.

9. Utilise re-marketing

It is imperative that we remarket new users who have visited the site to ensure they return to convert. This can be done via display and PPC – in the case of PPC specifically, ad copy can be tailored to serve the right message to the users

10. Apply results and insightsresults-and-insights-300x149

Optimisations we glean through ARMalytics can feed through into PPC strategies to inform their bidding strategies or audience targeting. This list includes seasonality, weather extremes, creative messaging, time of day, day of week, genre of programme etc.