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Top 5 tips for producing engaging digital creative

High-quality digital creative directly impacts your campaigns as they are more engaging for the user. Visually engaging imagery that resonates with your audience can lead to a higher volume of clicks through to your website, as well as improving conversion rates and overall campaign impact. The following tips will ensure you are on the right track when building your creative.

  1. Always include your logo: Don’t shy away from letting your logo shine. Logo presence is vital, and larger logos deliver recall, action, and longer fixation for your ad on multiple platforms.
  2. Make sure your ad contains a strong call-to-action: Your call-to-action is an instruction to your audience to provoke an immediate response. For example, “get a quote now” or “find out more”. Strong call-to-actions have been shown to actively increase both click-through rate and conversion rate.
  3. Include a border: Having a border differentiates your ad to the web page, ensuring it doesn’t blend in. Google will also disapprove your ad if it does not have a border, so it is worth including one!
  4. Include people based ads: Whilst this is not always possible, research from Yahoo show that people-based images deliver fixation and deep engagement. Consider leveraging these types of images in your creative.
  5. Ensure you are always testing: This is essential to find what ad format works for you – it could be Native ads, Banner ads or Text ads. You will not know until you test!

All Response Media Viewpoint

Typically display activity is seen as a way to engage users and raise awareness of your product, feeding the funnel for other channels such as PPC to convert. Executed correctly, display can also be used as an efficient conversion driver, delivering incremental sales volumes at low CPAs. High impact creatives increase the probability of consumers interacting with the ad. Although much of display is bought on a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) basis, without an exciting ad that individuals will engage with, you are already facing an uphill battle to be efficient. Having a meticulously planned digital media campaign that is optimised in detail and at speed is crucial. But increasing the potency of your creative in the first instance enhances your chances of achieving maximum value and efficiency, unlocking the true power of that media campaign.