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Twitter to launch two new tools to help marketers be more relevant

Twitter continues to fight for advertisers to invest their media budgets on their platform beyond basic advertising, it is building more tools for businesses to analyse in real-time how content is resonating with their community: a somewhat analytical dashboard. They will be focusing these dashboards on two separate things, one that will be based around the content being read and the other to better track real-time information around events, and especially to track events that are coming up.

Together, the two tools show how Twitter continues to plug away at building out a richer experience for organisations that use Twitter not just as part of their marketing but for wider business activities, and simply for getting work done. Having these added benefits will make these tools desirable to marketers and inform more relevant content strategies – currently, Facebook doesn’t offer such a tool. Facebook instead launched with more data-driven analytics which focuses more on journeys and how people are shifting between devices – also a very relevant tool that all marketers should be utilising to drive their social marketing decisions.

The idea of the new Twitter dashboards is to offer publishers an easy way to see who on Twitter is reading and engaging with their content, when they’re viewing it and what content is working best thus making it easier for agencies and advertisers to optimise their campaigns more effectively.

Events, meanwhile, is also going to be getting a boost of attention. Twitter is working a dashboard that will show which events are coming up, including breaking news events. For example, an event like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas would be the type of event that would appear on this dashboard. Along with these events insights, Twitter will also be looking to roll out a new conversation-based format where it will enable you to add a location underneath the Twitter Handle. Similar to how Instagram and Facebook let you tag in the location or the event.

All Response Media viewpoint

The launch of the events dashboard will be a step in the right direction for Twitter, the platform works best when conversations are flowing, big events are happening or important news stories breaking. Using this tool will help advertisers stay one step ahead and get into the right conversations which are relevant for their business. Staying relevant and on trend is extremely important. We always believe that an advertiser should never enter a conversation on Twitter if it is not relevant. Hopefully, this tool will help advertisers get into the right discussions with some forward planning.