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UKTV continues to break the records with their 2016 share

From the broadcaster that brings you Dave, UKTV has seen a record breaking share of commercial impacts (SoCI) at 9.74% for the first half of the year. This is a great step forward for the network who have maintained their marginallead in front of C5 and Sky’s own branded channels.uk-tv-soci

In April 2016, it was reported that the pay TV company – consisting of Dave, W, Gold, Drama, Alibi, Eden, Home, Good Food, Really and Yesterday – had reached a PB of 9.27% SoCi, vs. C5 and Sky (own branded) at 9.26% and 9.25% respectively, however H1 in 2016 has continue to reach an ‘all-time high’. UKTV also hit a recorded peak of 7.64% for its overnight daily share on Easter Sunday.

All Response Media Viewpoint

With an ever consolidating TV market it’s great to see some of these smaller network groups continuing to lead the charge in terms of audience opportunities. Over the last 6 months UKTV have worked hard to invest money in to new programmes including Dynamo: Live to The Comic Strip Presents, Taskmaster, hosted David Haye fights. They couple this with some of the top 2015 UKTV originals including Dave Gorman – Modern Life is Goodish, Alan Davis : As Yet Untitled and Storage Hunters UK & the celebrity special.

UKTV have made a great space for a wide range of advertiser whilst still offering good value in the market. In addition to their original programming, UKTV also hold the rights to the very best of BBC content which includes Sherlock (Alibi), Mrs Brown’s Boys (Gold), Top Gear (Dave) and EastEnders on W, which plays out the live on the day episodes at 10pm, and hosts an exclusive weekend omnibus.

One of the other advantages of UKTV is that All Response have negotiated a daytime £CPT that can offer peak airtime at no additional charge! This airtime is accessible up to 8pm on first run stations in most cases, and is a great way to be present in some of these shows that are helping the broadcaster to continue to grow their share.