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What the latest YouGov BrandIndex update means for your brand tracking

At All Response Media, total campaign performance is at the heart of what we do. We must be accountable for the success of the campaigns we run for our clients, and therefore the tracking we utilise to prove that our campaigns work needs to be holistic. Our focus is always to exploit media to grow client revenues, and we can accurately measure the immediate uplift as a result of marketing spend, primarily using our ARMalytics® campaign analysis system and dashboard.

Instead of looking only at the revenue advertising generates within a 4-minute window though, we also consider the impact that the advertising has in warming up prospects to the brand, and the products or services being sold. We have other tools at our disposal to monitor this – the main example of this being the YouGov BrandIndex tracking tool.

BrandIndex has been available since 2007, allowing advertisers who are signed up to the service to regularly track their performance against around 15 key brand metrics. These range from very upper funnel metrics such as ‘awareness’ or ‘reputation’, to lower down the funnel with the likes of ‘consideration’ or ‘purchase’ intent. Ultimately through media, we raise ad awareness in order to increase the brand’s reputation, which then leads to lower funnel purchase intent. More importantly, we track how that awareness converts to consideration and ultimately purchase intent. The more people who intend to purchase, the better your tactical, lower-funnel activity will perform.

Historically on BrandIndex, we have always been able to filter the tool to age, demographic, region and a handful of key categories around behaviour. However, YouGov has recently released an update to their brand tracking tool, which easily allows us to integrate YouGov Profiles data into the tracking.

YouGov Profiles, which crunches data from a representative sample group of typically between 1500-2000 respondents, gives us insight into detailed attitudes and behaviours of selected groups. In some cases, these can be highly specific; for example, a group of those from the south who are light TV viewers, have a university education and have a passion for opera. We can integrate these select groups into our BrandIndex tool to have even more visibility on whether our ads are not only reaching but engaging the exact audience we want them to.

As per the client example below, where we launched a regional peak campaign in the south alongside our regular activity, we were able to monitor the shift in brand metric scores, in this case, ad awareness.

YouGov Brand Index Update allresponsemedia

Using the Profiles data, which is now integrated within BrandIndex, we were also able to home in on a very specific target audience, layering this on top of regional data to monitor uplift (purple line).

All Response Media viewpoint
Similar to our approach to driving short-term business outcomes, there are many variables that we can analyse (particularly via the new intersect with Profiles) to understand the differences between those who are aware and those that are not aware that help to drive both media and creative strategy. The additional granularity that the update to BrandIndex tracking offers aligns more closely with the way we analyse media on a day to day basis.

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