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Why wireframes matter in creative content

Wireframes are used to visualise how elements of a page can be arranged and are also used as a means to reflect the user journey. Here are some key reasons why wireframing is a very important phase of the web development process:

  • By sketching out and visualising a page without its design elements and aesthetics, it becomes easier to understand how users will navigate through that page.
  • It aids in ensuring the user journey is as clear as possible, by limiting the number of disruptions that could negatively impact the user experience.
  • It helps in describing to clients the way in which the content is going to work and how users will interact with it.

Wireframes matter greatly for content when building interactive pages and sites. Once an idea is presented to a client, it is critical that both the agency and the client are on the same page in regards to how the idea is envisioned and how it is going to come to life. This is the stage in which wireframes come into play. Below are the stages a creative content idea goes through.

  1. Project briefing
  2. Wireframing
  3. Design
  4. Development

Wireframes aren’t only for a client’s benefit but also for the designer’s and developer’s too. They allow designers to plan the visual and aesthetic aspects of the page and allow the developers to focus on the functionality of the website. Frequently, designers are tasked with putting together a number of mock-ups, without any clear direction or notion of what the idea is about, and what it is meant to communicate. This often results in time spent on back and forth communication between product/content teams and designers. Therefore, wireframing is an extremely important stage because potential problems with the content can be identified before the build of the creative content.

All Response Media Viewpoint

A lot of brands don’t involve their SEO content teams in the ideation phase. It is critical for SEO teams to collaborate with clients and designers during the wireframe stage. To ensure a smooth process, it is very helpful for the designers to take a look at the text first so they can judge and advise what wireframes would work best for a specific type of content. To maximise the possibility of success, there is a need to plan and collaborate carefully from start to finish. This will minimise any content or user journey considerations at a later stage.

At All Response Media, we are always refining our methods to maximise efficiency and make our content production quicker and better with wireframing, a fundamental part of our creative content planning.