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Using aCPMs to derive the most efficient media channel for video attention

Cost pers are the main currency in performance marketing. But, here’s one that you might not be familiar with yet – ‘cost per thousand seconds of attention, or aCPM as it has been named in a new report by Ebiquity which looks at the amount of attention that different video ad formats command. Something vitally important once you realise that the average person (in England) spends a total of five hours per day on different media, with 90 minutes being commercials, but only 9.5 minutes of attention is dedicated to those commercials. So, with less than 10% of the total ad viewing receiving any attention, what is the best format to grab the consumer?

The report uses eye-tracking technology to determine attention, which found that 74% of a 30 second TV ad was not paid attention to whereas on YouTube 92% of the seconds were viewed. Desktop had the lowest attention, with just 1 second per video ad viewed, and Facebook had 81% of all seconds watched.

However, when you take the average cost per thousand for each of those media and apply that to the cost per thousand seconds, TV becomes a much more attractive prospect with an aCPM of £1.05 for a 15 second vs £1.41 on YouTube for the same length. Both the 30 and 15 seconds on TV were more efficient than any digital video with desktop being the worst performer at £21.88.

The study also links the dwell time of an advertiser to sales conversion, so the longer you can hold someone’s attention, the more likely they are to convert and have stronger brand recall – so holding the viewers’ attention is vital; whilst still being aware that in all likelihood, only 74% of your TV ad is being watched so messaging needs to be clear throughout.

All Response Media viewpoint

The study reflects what we tend to see in results, which is that TV is a key channel for brand and performance. Whilst it is undeniable that digital video is a huge part of people’s media landscape, the unique attention that TV demands make it a powerful tool. This study also reinforces the importance of having the right creative to make a campaign successful. We have a lot of experience with different ads and resources to make cost-effective creatives that drive response, so always feel free to talk to your All Response Media team about creative as well as media.

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