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Call tracking update: New digital measurement opportunity

Last week, Google announced that advertisers can start importing their call conversion data into AdWords and the feature will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Up to this point we have been able to track calls from a user landing on the website, after clicking on a PPC ad from using Google’s free call tracking, however advertisers have had to use call length as a proxy for conversions.

With this new functionality from Google, advertisers can take the unique phone number and associated conversion data out of the CRM system and re-upload it into AdWords. By uploading the file, it is possible to see which campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords are leading to calls that include sales or other conversions.

To set up free Google call tracking has always been fairly simple by adding a piece of code and it feels like this upload is quite straightforward also, which will give us a lot more insights and a better view on sales and ROI. For more information on setting up call tracking read here.

All Response Media Viewpoint

We always recommend using Google’s free call tracking, if we are only running PPC and if we are not using a third party system. For most businesses a high percentage of conversions are from calls; not counting this means we don’t get a true view on performance. Also when tracking this at keyword level we have found that certain keywords have a higher propensity to drive calls and not onsite actions. Optimising to onsite actions alone can result in down-weighting activity that is driving valuable online leads and with this new functionality, we’ll now have even more insight to call value.