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Radio listening trends are different from TV’s so throw away the TV rule for radio

Last time we looked at the reach of audio and how it can be both big and small, targeted geographically, demographically and content lead; this week we are looking at radio trends:

Audio listening trends are different from TV viewing patterns, so throw away the TV rule book when planning audio!

More people listen to radio and digital audio in the mornings than watch TV; during its peak at breakfast. Only out of home has a higher reach than radio and digital audio with audio taking a 28% share of all media, dropping slightly to 23% for the rest of the morning.

Top tip: Audio is often listened to whilst completing other tasks such as driving (24% of listening happens in a car) doing housework and cooking as such radio response may also have a greater lag time than TV response, where on average we see 80% of all response come in within a 6 minute window of the spot being aired.

Learnings around dayparts and days of the week for TV won’t necessarily be able to be transferred over to radio, as radio response isn’t as immediate as TV. Initially, radio testing should be planned around business performance i.e. campaigns that want to drive footfall into a physical store tend to up weight the back end of the week to drive people into the store at the weekend, whereas some online brands may find that the start of the week is more responsive.

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