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5 Best TV roundup articles for how to create a successful TV campaign

As roundups can offer a lot of information and tips in one place, we’ve selected our articles with the most important factors to take into consideration when creating a successful TV campaign:

1. How relevant content improves performance

Maxine Campbell discusses how content, smarter buying and knowing when your peak time is can ensure a successful campaign no matter the budget.

2. How gift incentives affect your TV ad performance

Tom Speechley discusses the level of uplift advertisers can see from introducing gifts and how it can affect the competition


3. The impact of TV creatives on your campaign

Is it time for a new creative? The efficiency/effectiveness of a TV creative can have a significant impact on campaign performance, but how do advertisers know when it’s time for an update?

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4. Do you need another medium to add to your TV campaign?

Natasha Wood explores the benefits of utilising other areas of media in order to succeed.


5. Seasonal media consumption and channel budget allocation

How does the change in seasons affect consumer behaviour, consumer media consumption across channels and more importantly for marketers – media channel budget allocation?


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