The pioneers of new-to-TV launches

In 2020, we launched over 35 brands onto TV. The showreel below showcases just some of these businesses that enjoyed incredible success by deploying their TV campaigns with All Response Media. Watch the video for more details, and fill in the form below to explore how your business could be the next TV success story. Already a TV advertiser? Activate your free campaign efficacy audit now

What is DRTV?

Direct Response Television, or DRTV, is quite simply performance TV advertising. DRTV advertising generates an immediate response – such as a purchase made online, or a phone call – via a campaign that is properly measured, analysed and rapidly optimised to predetermined KPIs to truly maximise your ad spend. Fundamentally, it is TV that builds businesses and brands.

As pioneers of the medium, we deliver successful campaigns for our growing client base across EMEA markets. Our position as the leading DRTV agency is built upon solid foundations and has led to the rapid business growth of a dynasty of client partners, some of which can be found on our Success Stories page. Our knowledge and experience, together with the most sophisticated response techniques and systems are all fuelled by real-life data and insights, actioned at speed to ensure we consistently deliver DRTV campaigns that give your business the edge and most importantly, provide you with a sustainable and significant competitive advantage. We call this the Unfair Competitive Advantage.

DRTV Myth-busting

TV isn’t as expensive as you think: Television remains the most effective way of communicating with a mass audience quickly and across multiple devices, offering performance and scale for your business. It is more accessible, measurable and affordable than before, and does not cost the six figures that many new-to-TV advertisers might believe. Whether this is your first time venturing onto TV, or your business is omnipresent on the medium, All Response Media provides the platform to business growth when launching or taking your direct response TV activity to the next level.

Creating a TV spot is more affordable than you might expect: Creating a TV advert can also be much more cost-effective than many might imagine. All Response Media does not create ads, but if you need help finding the right creative agency for your campaign, our team can provide details of agencies that have created successful DRTV adverts at competitive prices.

You do not have to book your activity months in advance: We book TV with a shorter ‘advanced booking’ deadline than the industry standard. This means that we can book your activity much closer to the time it airs, providing more flexibility and time for your business if required. This approach also means we can manipulate and optimise your airtime during a campaign, allowing for sharper optimisation and improved efficiencies.

People still watch television: DRTV absolutely can be the game-changer for your business. During August 2019, people in the UK watched an average of 1 hour, 57 minutes of commercial linear (live) in-home TV set viewing per day. The total weekly reach of linear TV for individuals remains high at 87.8% (source: Thinkbox).

Our approach to TV Advertising

Planning: Creating a campaign from the ground up to target your desired audience at the right time and on the right programming is imperative to driving efficient response. We do this by utilising 1st party data and enhancing it via 3rd party tools and systems, thus creating your complete audience profile coupled with their media consumption and behavioural patterns through work, rest and play dimensions. Our vast media and sector experience provides the added planning nous that gives you the edge.

Gaming the system: Gaming the limited, BARB TV measurement panel can reduce the ‘real’ cost of your airtime by up to 54%. We exploit the gaps in the UK’s official TV audience measurement system by deploying our proprietary campaign measurement and analysis suite, ARMalytics®, to provide the true answer of how your television activity is performing.

Transparency: Clients have full access to ARMalytics®, where campaign deliverability and performance are clearly visualised so you are left in no doubt as to how your budget is performing for your business. If you win, we win – and our ability to scale businesses quickly and effectively supports that approach.

Buying: All Response Media’s size as a top 15 UK media agency (Campaign Rankings 2019) gives the agency and our clients the unique benefit of having access to scale and flexibility. This is abundantly evident when planning DRTV campaigns, as our buying power ensures the lowest airtime rates for our clients, and our nimbleness means we can be reactive to the ever-changing TV landscape.

Optimising: Our proprietary tag, Tag4ARM, sits on your site to capture the online journey in real-time. Once the campaign is live, our 20-strong ‘ARMLabs’ data and systems team work seamlessly with our multi-disciplined account teams to process and understand the vast amounts of data gathered in-campaign, in order to understand and execute on this granular insight for improved performance and efficient campaign response. This, in turn, leads to improved cost-per-acquisition results and ROI for your business, as per the bespoke KPIs and objectives set out by, and for, your business.

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