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Television remains the most effective way of communicating with a mass audience quickly and across multiple devices, therefore it offers scale as well as performance – a unique combination. Not only does TV entertain, but informs, guides and generates debate. Now more than ever, speed is key in maximising the business opportunity to drive growth and sustainability for all your customers, employees and suppliers.


Even if you are starting from scratch and have no existing assets to utilise or repurpose, you can be on air in less than 3 weeks. For example, a 30-second ad can be created and cleared for as little as £2,500 (using existing assets) and £5,000 (for a new creation) in as little as two weeks, with media being bought even a week before the air date.


TV airtime pricing is lower than ever before, unlocking massive advertising potential at a fraction of the usual cost.

A robust and measurable 2-week campaign could be executed for as low as £15k, which provides maximum flexibility and minimum risk for advertisers.


Campaign measurement and optimisation
The requirement for measurement and in-campaign optimisations that you can see is more important than ever. At All Response Media, all TV clients have 24/7 dashboard access to their TV schedules and ROI outcomes. Our proprietary technology stack, ARMalytics®, is at the heart of it.

This campaign measurement and analysis platform allows for the meticulous analysis and optimisation of campaigns by our talented integrated media and data teams. The example below shows one of the system’s functions, Live Pulse, displaying minute-by-minute tracking of TV spots airing (bars), layered with unique client website visitors (line) to gauge the immediate effect of a TV campaign in real-time:

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