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You can trust me, I’m on TV…

Whilst Brits have always favoured traditional media channels such as newspapers and radio, TV takes the top spot as the most trusted form of advertising, with 3 times as many people trusting the media channel above all others, according to a recent Thinkbox study. So, just why is that?

  1. People know that to get on TV you must be a trustworthy brand.

For anyone that has advertised in the UK, you will know that there are much stricter policies versus other international markets such as the US – and this all starts with your TV ad. Clearcast is the governing body that passes ads in the UK and they have very clear and defined rules on what you can, and more importantly can’t, say in your TV spot. This includes anything misleading, harmful, or offensive. Before any ad can run on UK TV, they are approved against the UK Codes of Advertising. This rigour applies a high level of validation and trust to any advertiser that is therefore utilising this medium.

  1. There is the (incorrect) perception that you need to spend a lot to get on TV, which makes your brand look and feel more successful and worth paying a premium for.

Whilst there are clear rules on what your ad can say in your ad, the same cannot be said for your TV plan…and the amount you need to spend! You may have heard that you need to spend at least £150k for a full month, deliver at least 180 TVRs/GRPs with 60% cover…that’s certainly not the only way to test TV. In our experience, you can cost-effectively test TV for a fraction of that cost and build upon learnings through carefully considered tests before having to commit to such high levels of budget.

  1. Adding ‘As seen on TV’ to your PPC can improve performance by 50%.

And it’s not just on digital channels. Press and insert creatives that have this accreditation also see a boost in performance by similar levels too! Just by having that phrase on your other channels, the trust in TV reinforces that they can trust your brand in other environments.

All Response Media viewpoint

Whilst COVID-19 has had a major impact on media on 2020 and 2021, it has mainly been positive for TV, with all viewing metrics seeing upward trends in lockdown periods:

  • Linear TV saw an increase of 21% in time spent watching TV across all individuals and 23% of ABC1 ads during the first lockdown in 2020.
  • We came together around the box too…with shared viewing increasing by 30%.
  • Broadcaster VOD saw an incredible surge in viewing with numbers jumping by 45%.

Utilising and maximising the trusted reputation that TV holds with audiences can also provide an uplift in other media channels when declared as such. Therefore, if you haven’t added those 4 words to your digital or printed media, give it a test!

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