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Audio measurement – the most important consideration?

Over the last few weeks we’ve looked at audio reach, the growth of connected listening and podcasts, to conclude here’s the most important part – how do we know if it’s working?

There are many ways to measure radio’s performance. It’s important to start with creating a road map for delivering your message to your audience detailing: The aims of the campaign, what is measured, how it’s being measured, what success will look like and what can be learnt and optimised for the next campaign.

These are some of the many ways to measure radio performance:

  • Regional testing/ Regional up weights/ Copycat control regions
  • Direct response techniques (text response, website URL, offer codes, telephone numbers)
  • Softer metrics such as brand tracker and consideration

At All Response Media, we are consistently looking to improve how we measure and track different media channels.

All Response Media viewpoint
Radio and audio are growing, depending on the objectives of a campaign radio advertising can be used to reach large broadcast audiences or to speak to highly targeted audiences through demographic and contextual targeting.

The window for a response on the radio is much larger to that on TV due to how and where it’s consumed and as such needs its own tailored way to measure campaign response.

Radio can be used as a stand-alone medium or can work as a multiplier to extend the reach and frequency of a multichannel campaign.


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