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SuperCasino: Does lack of offer help or harm?

The Creative

The SuperCasino creative is typical of a casino gaming advert. Throughout the ad, epic music accompanies a very dark almost ‘Batman’ like atmosphere. Set at night, the creative uses a lot of black and red colouring that is symbolic of a roulette wheel.

Casino is all about entertainment, hence the voiceover which begins ‘the day is done, we play tonight’. The ad draws the viewer in with its portrayal of Casino as dangerous, mysterious and fun. The use of both males and females is poignant; unlike sports betting, the casino market is much more 50/50 with regards to their players.

This spot draws a direct response (DR) call to action subliminally as a poetic voice-over repeats ‘tonight’ throughout the spot. Although they want the viewer to play tonight, the ad does not voice URL or specifically tell the viewer to go to SuperCasino.

Surprisingly, there is no offer on this advert. ARM’s extensive research into this marketplace shows that Casino users tend to follow the best offers. With no offer at all, you run the risk of diminishing response rates. That said, this appears to be a brand response ad with a slightly different response strategy using subliminal messaging.

The Media

The media strategy focuses on Channel 5, and over 80% of impacts are delivered on the station. Although Big Brother has a significant share of these impacts, it would be interesting to know if this was a strategy or simply natural delivery.  It is no doubt that Big Brother makes up a lot of C5’s ratings!

Previous experience in this sector shows that Big Brother is not the most responsive show for the Casino market.  Rather, ‘wallpaper’ viewing shows like late night movie repeats and general entertainment are commonly more effective.

When you overspend on terrestrial, you risk not taking advantage of lower rating spots available on other networks. Our ARMalytics technology shows us that BARB is under-reporting viewers, particularly late at night. We would look to invest more in a wider range of stations to boost efficiency in this highly competitive and expensive marketplace.


  • Nicky Scott

    Interesting topic!

    I have produced many TV commercials for gambling companies (including this one in your article), and most of the commercials that SuperCasino have made in the last 7 years or so.

    There was a conscious decision not to have an offer on this particular brand ad.

    In general, It’s actually very tricky to promote an offer in a gambling commercial without limiting your airtime options. For example, you can’t promote an offer that requires a monetary deposit in Northern Ireland – which means that you can’t advertise this kind of ‘offer’ ad on Sky, because they can’t ‘deselect’ Northern Ireland from their airtime packages (without resorting to using Sky Adsmart). You can have an ad that features an offer that does NOT require a monetary deposit but, in order to be permitted to do that, you have to prove that the recipient of the offer is over 18. The only way to prove the recipient is over 18, is to take a monetary deposit – so you are in a Catch 22 situation.

    The rules and regs for gambling commercials have been changing a LOT recently too, so it’s worth keeping things simple in order to avoid a beautiful, shiny new commercial becoming quickly unusable as legalities change!

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