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Twixtmas: the gift that keeps on giving…

At All Response Media, we are always pushing clients to reap the benefits of low prices in the twixtmas period (late December to early January) in relation to TV advertising. Prices can fall by as much as 50% and it is a great time to launch brands, test big impacting stations and even try to reach that elusive B2B audience. This is something that we ourselves did on Boxing Day when we launched our very first All Response Media TV ad. It was about time that we practised what we preached!

But are people really watching and responding during the Christmas period? Do response rates fall or actually rise? If they do fall – is the fall offset by lower cost per thousands (CPTs)?

All Response Media Viewpoint

Overall, we did see falls in response rate percentages (RR), which is less surprising as family and celebration take centre stage during this period. However, falls were relatively low and more than offset by the lower CPTs.

For example, one of our retail clients saw response fall by 12%, whereas their CPT was down by 50%, meaning their cost per response actually improved by 38%. A travel client targeting the 55+ market saw their RR rise by 16%, whilst their CPT fell by 35%.

Finance has also done well – one client saw their cost per application fall 34% due to the lowered CPT. A charity client has also seen their cost per text come down by 21%.

There is everything to gain and little to lose by exploiting this period, whether you are an established brand looking to start the New Year with a cost-efficient bang or a new challenger brand looking to break into the national marketplace – this is your time.


“What about the All Response Media ad?” I hear you all shout. Well, we’re delighted to report that our first foray onto the medium provided very encouraging results indeed, against a very niche audience, both across website visits and inbound leads. Our agency mantra of deploying budgets “as if it were our money” was never truer than with this campaign, and as the results are digested now that the run, you could well see us appear on your screens again soon!